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五花肉烧冻豆腐 Braised Frozen Bean Curd with Streaky Pork
五香酱肉 Spiced Pork
熘鲑鱼 Braised Fresh Salmon
小米蒸排骨 Steamed Chop with Millet
炸芝麻里脊 Fried Pork Fillet with Sesame
炸肉骨碌 Fried Streaky Pork
云片鹿角菜 Steamed Carrageen with Ham and Bamboo Shoots
糟炒厚鱼片 Fried Fish Slices with Fragrant Grains
鸳鸳珍珠汤 Fish and Egg White Soup
鱼包三经 Stuffed Fish Roll
一品寿桃 Yipin Birthday Peach
油泼鸡 Chicken with Sesame Oil
鸡丝蜇皮 Shredded Chicken with Jellyfish
荷叶肉 Steamed Streaky Pork in Lotus Leaves
火爆燎肉 Stir-Fried Pork
扒龙须鲍鱼 Braised Abalone with Preserved Asparagus
扒鲍鱼冬瓜球 Braised Abalone with Water Melon Balls 
八仙瑶池聚会 Braised “Eight-treasures” 
八宝原壳鲜贝 Stuffed Conch with “Eight-treasures”
八宝西红柿 Stuffed Tomato with “Eight-treasures” 
八宝梨罐 Stuffed Pear Kettle with “Eight-treasures”
熬黄花鱼 Stewed Yellow Croaker
紫桂焖大排 Stewed Pork with Purple Cinnamon
抓炒鱼仁 Stir-Fried Sliced Fish
纸包三鲜 Fried Three Delicacies with Cellophane Paper
扒酿海参 Stuffed Sea Cucumber
扒牛肉条 Braised Beef Strips
拔丝珍珠苹果 Toffee Apple
拔丝金枣 Toffee Dates
百花大虾 Prawn Dish with Color Pattern
炖加吉鱼 Braised Red Porgy, Genuine
冬菇烧蹄筋 Braised Pork Tendon with Mushroom
单县羊肉汤 Shanxian Mutton Soup

炒三泥 Mashed of Lotus Seed, Chestnuts and Beijing Cake
炒肉丝拉皮 Pork Shreds with Sheet Jelly
炒木樨肉 Fried Pork Shreds and Cabbage with Fungus and Scrambled Eggs
干炸赤鳞鱼 Fried Largescale Shoveljaw Fish
共和凉菜卷 Stuffed Spring Roll with Vegetabls
怪味鸡丝 Rare-Flavor Shredded Chicken
荷花金鱼虾 Prawn and Fish in Water Lily and Gold Fish Shape
酱渍鳎目鱼 Catchup Sole
烩肥肠 Stewed Pork Intestine
煎雏肉 Fried Fillet of Pork
煎烹肉丝 Shredded Dog Meat
北方糖醋蒜 Sweet and Sour Garlic
海带炖豆腐 Braised Bean Curd with Kelp
兔肉苦瓜 Braised Rabbit Meat with Bitter Melon
苦瓜肉冻 Bitter Melon and Meat in Aspic
扒苦瓜 Braised Bitter Melon
墨斗鱼苦瓜 Cuttlefish and Bitter Melon
红焖海参 Stewed Sea Cucumber in Brown Sauce
香芹爆鳝丝 Fried Eel Slices with Celery
酱爆肉丁 Saute Pork with Soy Bean Sauce
水晶鸡脯 Crystal Chicken Chest
软炸鲜贝 Fried Fresh Shellfish
红烧鱼翅 Braised Fin in Brown Sauce
芝麻鱼球 Sesame Fish Balls
油淋笋鸡 Fried Spring Chicken with Bamboo Shoots
炸元宵 Fried Rice Glue Ball
肉汤圆 Boiled Meat Dumpling
荷花鱼翅 Water Lily and Fin
烧罗汉面筋 Braised Arhat Wheat Gluten
凤尾金鱼 Stewed Yellow Fish in Shape of Chicken Trail
吉祥干贝 Lucky Scallop
鸭泥腐片 Boiled Duck Meat Soup
沙锅炖吊子 Stewed Broken Bulk in Terrine
锅塌菠菜 Fried Spinach with Starch Paste
扒原壳鲍鱼 Braised Abalone with Shell
炸蛎黄 Fried Oyster
红烧海螺 Braised Whelk with Brown Sauce
冷烤牛肉 Cold Grilled Beef
五香狗肉 Spiced Dog Meat
荠菜鱼卷 Shepherd’s Purse and Fish Roll
酿茄斗 Stuffed Bucket-Shape Eggplant Pieces
奶油鲑鱼 Braised Salmon with Cream
奶油扒菜心 Braised Heart of Cabbage with Cream
奶汤棱桃仁 Braised Walnut-Shape Pork with Milk
奶汤八宝布袋鸡 Stuffed Chicken with Eight-Treasures
蜜汁肥桃 Peach with Honey
梅花拼盘 Clubs Dish
麻粉肘子 Braised Pig Elbow
萝卜鱼 Radish-Shape Fish Roll
清蒸加吉鱼 Steamed Red Porgy, Genuine
全虾三做 Braised Prawns
三彩大虾 Three-Color Prawn
山东菜丸 Shandong Vegetable Balls
山东丸子 Shandong Ball
烧五丝 Braised Five Shreds 

生菜拌鸭掌 Mixed Duck′s Webs with Romaine Lettuce

生汁香蕉卷 Banana Roll

什锦拼盘 Assorted Dish

什锦一品锅 Assorted Yipin Pot

双烤肉 Barbecued Pork

双味蹄筋 Double-Flavor Pork Tendon

铁板蚝油栗子鸡 Braised Chicken with Chestnuts and Oyster Sauce on Fever Iron Plate

氽发菜三丝 Hair-Like Vegetble and Three Shreds
氽虾蘑海 Braised Sea Cucumber with Prawn and Mushroom
玛瑙银杏 Carnelian Gingkgo
什锦蜂窝豆腐 Honeycomb Assorted Bean Curd
龙眼凤肝 Stewed Chicken Meat and Duck Liver in Shape of Eye
砂锅三味 Stewed Three-sapor in Marmite
蒸扒三丝干贝 Stewed Scallop
诸城辣丝子 Zhucheng Pepper Slices
炖口蘑龙凤珠 Stewed Chicken with Prawn and Mushroom
泰安三美豆腐 Tai An Three Gout Bean Curd
焖大虾 Stewed Prawn
白汁酿鱼 Braised Yellow-fin Tuna
葫芦大吉翅子 Streamed Fin in Shape of calabash
炸菊花虾包 Fried Shelled Shrimps with Chrysanthemum
绣球全鱼 “Silk Ball” Whole Fish
炸鸡扇 Fried Chicken Breast
炒豆腐脑 Fried Soft Bean Curd
胡椒海参汤 Pepper Sea Pumpkin Soup
铁素四色球 Four Color Balls
肝糕汤 Pig Liver Soup
葱油黄鱼 Fried Yellow-Fin Tuna
牡丹蝎托 Fried Scorpion
油泼青鱼 Herring with Boiling Oil
糟煨冬笋 Deep-Boiled Winter Bamboo Shoots with Sugar Sauce
糯米藕片 Glutinous Rice and Lotus Root Slices
酒香椒盐肘子 Fried Boiled Pig Elbow
蒜苗火鸡排 Fried Turkey with Young Garlic
炸海蟹 Fried Crab
红烧鱼唇 Fried Fish Lip in Brown Sauce
蜜汁梨球 Fried Pear Ball with Honey
虾脑烧鱼肚 Fried Fish Maw with Shrimps
双冬辣鸡球 Chicken Ball with Winter Butter and Bamboo Shoots
糖醋里脊 Fried Pork Mixed with Sweet and Sour Sauce
泰山赤鳞鱼 Taishan Red Squama Fish
诗礼银杏 Boiled Gingkgo
带子上朝 Go to Court with Child
一卵孵双凤 Double Chickens in Shell of One Watermelon
烤花揽鳜鱼 Grilled Mandarin Fish
紫菜卷寿司 Laver Wrapping Rice
杨梅虾球 Waxberry Shrimp Ball
柠檬蜂蜜鲑鱼排 Lemon and Honey Salmon Steak
叉烧鱼 Grilled Fish with Fork
芹黄鱼丝 Braised Carp with Water Dropwort
家常海参 Ordinary Sea Pumpkin
炝黄瓜 Quick-Fried Cucumber
鱼香肉丝 Fish Flavored Pork Slices
炸龙肠 Fried Intestines
烤网油签 Fried Muscle with Lard
炸大扁 Fried Big Flat Slices
酥炸春花肉 Crisp Pig Tenderloin
沙锅烧鸭 Fried Duck in Terrine
换心乌贼 Stuffings Cuttle Fish
落叶琵琶虾 Fried Fresh River Prawn
炸豆腐丸子 Fried Bean Curd Ball
酿银瓜 Silver Melon
珊瑚金钩 Bean Sprout and Red Pepper
清汤鲍鱼 Sea-ear Soup
网油棒榻 Sinensis(Berk) Sacc Wrapped in Lard Board
雪梨肘棒 Stewed Elbow with Juicy Pears
麻酱紫鲍 Fried Abalone Mixed with Sesame Paste
栗子白菜 Boiled Chestnut and Cabbage Slices
烩乌鱼蛋 Braised Mullet Egg
糖炒虾瓣 Fried Prawn with Sugar
油爆鲜贝 Fried Fresh Shellfish
炸蚕蛹鸡 Fried “Silkworm Pupa” Chicken
扒栗子白菜 Braised Cabbage with Chestnut
爆两样 Fried Pig Intestines and Liver
油焖凤尾鱼 Stewed Silver Carp in Oil
芫爆鱿鱼卷 Quick-Boiled Sleeve-Fish Roll
京酱肉丝 Sauted Meat Shreds with Sweet Paste
葱油鱼 Fried Grass Carp
蜜汁金枣 Honeydew Gold Date
绣球干贝 Fried Scallop in Shape of Silk Ball
番茄松鼠鱼 Fried Yellow-fin Tuna Accompanied by Tomato Sauce
蝴蝶海参 Streamed Sea Cucumber in Shape of Butterfly
清蒸八宝甲鱼 Streamed Soft-Shelled Turtle with “Eight-Treasures”
清汤全家福 “Quanjiafu”in Clear Soup
炒鸡丝 Fried Chicken Slices
烤小鸡 Grilled Little Chicken
酱汁鸭方 Boiled Duck Piece in Sauce
葱爆羊肉丁 Fried Mutton Dices
爆炒腰花 Quickly Fried Pig Kidney
整鱼两吃 Two-Color Fish
沙锅牛尾 Braised Cattle Tail in Terrine
烤花揽桂鱼 Braised Mandarin Fish
清烩海参 Braised Sea Cucumber
香酥萝卜丸子 Crisp Radish Balls
八宝菠菜 Quick-Boiled Spinach Mixed with “Eight Treasures”
酱炒鸡翼球 Fried Chicken Wing Ball with Bean Sauce
凉菜卷 Cool Vegetables Roll
烤牌子 Grilled Pig Rib
油爆双脆 Fried Crispness
一品豆腐 “Yiping”Bean Curd
糖醋鲤鱼 Carp in Sweet and Sour Sauce
坛子肉 Braised Pork in Crock
四喜丸子 Sixi Balls
清汤柳叶燕菜 Stewed Swiflets Nest
九转大肠 Twisted Large Intestine
红烧大虾 Braised Prawn in Soy Sauce
德州扒鸡 Dezhou Braised Chicken
海米珍珠笋 Fried Pearl-shaped Bamboo Shoots with Dried Shrimp

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